BA’s Best Bites: Pizza

Food — By Elizabeth Gleeson on March 31, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Steak is typically the name of the game when meal time rolls around in Buenos Aires. But with all of the Italian influence in the Argentinean capital, pizza is staple in the local diet and probably some of the best available on the South American continent, provided you know where to go and what to order. Check out our list to see local recommendations from those who really know:

Avenida Corrientes is BA’s pizza hub, and the debate about the best pizza along the strip is hot. One of our favorites is El Imperio, located way up Corrientes in Chacarita, at the bustling corner of Federico Lacroze, just across from the train station of the same name. We suggest that you follow the lead of those in the know, i.e. the too-rushed-to-sit workers on their way to catch a train home, and grab a slice of fugazetta (and eat it standing for the full effect).

Perhaps the most famous of the treasured Avenida Corrientes pizza strip is Guerrin, where slices can be order and eaten standing up at the counter, or at a table in the rear. Frequented by workers curbing their hunger before grab binga subway or bus home, as well as theater-goers, Guerrin’s La Super Guerrin is a melt-in-your-mouth classic loaded up with cheese, ham, red pepper, and onion. We suggest ordering 2 slices – the first one will be too good to resist eating a second.

photo by Kai Hendry

Order up a deep-dish pie of napolitana in Las Cuartetas, the retro, 1970s-outfitted institution that also counts as one of the Av. Corrientes classics. Expect your pizza to be served sizzling hot and absolutely drenched in mozzarella – more of a dessert that a dinner, really.

Get your pizza the Italian way at the Roman chain Piola, where super thin crust pies are baked in a giant brick over for that extra crisp. More modern and fashionable than the fluorescent-lit Corrientes spots, the staff is young and hip and the pizza toppings more creative, as well. Try a pie with arugula and provolone.

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