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New Hotels for Holing Up in Style in BA

March 31, 2011 | Hotels | Read More
The boutique hotel boom in Buenos Aires means that there is a plethora of stylish digs in town to choose from when planning your trip to Argentina. The tough part? Knowing which of the hundreds of hotels is your best fit. Take a look at NileGuide’s recommendations of the best newest boutique lodging...

Spoil Yourself at Buenos Aires’ Top Luxury Hotels

Spoil Yourself at Buenos Aires’ Top Luxury Hotels April 27, 2010 | Five Star, Hotels, Travel Tips | Read More
Faena Hotel + Universe photo courtesy of Erin Williamson Anyone who has picked up a travel magazine in the past decade knows that Buenos Aires and its very favorable dollar, pound, and euro-to-peso exchange rate is the ideal destination for saving a few bucks while indulging yourself in top accomodations,...