Thursday Party in Busan

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Thursday Party

Thursday Party is a bar with several locations in Busan. To get to the Haeundae location, get off at the Haeundae subway stop and take exit 5 to the beach. Then walk down the main street until you see Thursday Party on the right. The bar plays Western music in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Sit at the barstools and tall tables. Have a drink, and relax. Don’t expect to have a conversation in this bar. The music won’t allow it.

Prices for the food are reasonable. Barbecue ribs are less than $10 or 9,000 won. Other menu items include honey bread, dried fish and nuts, which is a Korean snack, moist squid and nuts, another Korean treat, cheese nachos, and chicken wings. Shots sold at Thursday Party include Jagermeister, Jose Tequilla, Sambuca, and Kami Kaje. Draft beers and imported beers are around about $7 or between 6,000 and 7,000 won. Domestic beers like Cass, Cafri, Budweiser, and Hite are between 4,000 and 5,000 won or less than $5.

Thursday Party is for drinking and hanging out with your friends. It’s sort of like Cheers, with kicking music. Because the bar is so small, and tourists tend to stick out in Korea, people who are regulars are bound to get to know you. Some tourists consider Thursday Party as the hangout spot in Busan.

When you are ordering food or snacks anywhere in South Korea, remember that food is shared in restaurants among the locals. The portion sizes for meals may tend to be a bit larger, and they usually come with several side dishes that are mean to be shared. However, sometimes the food (sides) are reused.

Thursday Party has snacks. There are some chips and nuts out on the tables for snacking, and the bowls are refilled when they are empty. The snacks are for everyone, and they are not necessarily removed and refilled for each new customer.

Most people go to Thursday Party to meet friends and to kick back and relax. If you are invited to Thursday Party, make sure that you know the location. There are several locations in the hippest locations in Busan. Locations for the bar include Gwangangli, Haeundae/Jangsan, Seomyeon and Daegu. Thursday in Haeundae is not located on the beach. It’s near the beach. The location in Gwangangli is beachfront, so you can sit on the bar and see views of the beach. Thursday Party in Haeundae is open from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily.

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