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Many people who come to visit Busan for an extended period of time, are also interested in volunteering in the area. Most of the volunteer opportunities that are available focus on helping the children in this part of South Korea. There is an organization The Busan Foreigner Volunteer Group which connects foreigners to volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering in a orphanage is perhaps one of the most popular ways that you can share your time in Busan. There are several orphanages in Busan, but there is only one orphanage that houses a significant number of young children or babies. This orphanage is located off of the Ocheonjeong subway stop. After getting off the subway, walk over to the HomePlus directly across the street from the station, and take bus number 203 to the orphanage. The volunteer coordinator will most likely ask someone who frequents the orphanage to help you. Be forewarned that there is more than one orphanage in the area. Asking a local person for directions may or may not land you at the correct orphanage.

Volunteers, typically play with the children in the orphanages. Some volunteers, accompany the children on trips, take them out into the neighborhood (with permission), or teach the children English. Once you volunteer at an orphanage, you can work with the children in a manner that will allow you to use your skills the best. The majority of the children speak little to no English, so using gestures, miming, or drawing pictures to help them understand games or rules for play are necessary. Orphanages may have children who are teenagers, as well as toddlers, elementary schoolers, or even babies. You may be able to choose the age group for your volunteer work. Don’t be surprised, however, if a worker a the orphanage, urges you to work with a particular group of children.

People who want to work within their own community, can work in a community center. Again, the Busan Volunteer Association can give you additional information regarding working in the centers. Generally, volunteers play games with the games, or participate in sporting events with the children who visit the center. The children at the community centers have homes, they visit the community center as a way to participate in organized, fun activities with others in their community.

Find out the hours and days that you are allowed to volunteer if you decide to work in an orphanage or in a community center.

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  • Ina Thiel says:

    I am currently living in Busan for the next year possibly two years teaching english and wanted to get involved with an orphanage here too. I live off the Deokcheon subway stop. Is there an orphanage close to there I could volunteer during the morning hours before I go to work at 1pm?
    My heart is really for Children in orphanages. My main goal in life is to open an orphanage/foster home. I really hope that you will give me this opportunity.


    Ina Thiel


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