Breeze Burns Restaurant

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Breeze Burns

Breeze Burns

If you are craving a big juicy beef burger, then look no further than Breeze Burns. The restaurant has probably the tastiest burgers in Busan. Served with an order of fries, the burgers at Breeze Burns are made with pure Australian beef. There is at least one oddity when ordering this standard Western dish in Korea. Your fries may arrive first, as an appetizer, followed by the burger. You will receive salt and ketchup with your fries and burger. So, all may be forgiven. How does the burger taste? It’s delicious. The standard burger is thick and juicy, piled high with lettuce and tomatoes. The menu says that the vegetables are organic. The tomatoes were fresh and plump. The beef for the burger and all of the fixings were so massive that everything could barely fit between the two buns. It appeared that the burger was going to topple over at any second.
There are different types of burgers for those who like to go beyond the plane burger and would prefer a little spice.

If you would like a thick milkshake, you may be disappointed with the shakes at the Seomyeon location. The strawberry shake was a bit thin, more like a milk-based smoothie. It was good, just thin. Breeze Burn has other locations in Busan, including a Haeundae location, on the main street before you get to the beach, and a Gwangan-li location. To get to the Seomyeon location, take the line 2 subway to Seomyeon and go out of exit #9. Walk straight and turn right, you probably have to cross the street, when you see the large Oz store on the corner. Breeze Burn is within a block of the Oz store.

Prices are a tad high, but reasonable if you are craving a good burger. Burgers are 6,490 won, less than $6. Fries cost 4,090 won or less than $4, and shakes are 4,070 won. Juices are also served at Breeze Burn in addition to the usual soft drinks. The juices are around the same price as the shakes.

Service at Breeze Burns is fast and friendly. Both the table menus and the menu above the bar are in English. The servers, accustomed to taking orders in English, appear to understand. The restaurant is airy and has an old fashioned American-style 50s feel to it. Breeze Burns grill is a hit with tourists and Westerners who are living in South Korea and want a taste of home.

Photo Courtesy of: Claudine Williams

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