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Are you craving Mexican food while in Busan? That’s no problem. Try eating at Fuzzy Navel in Haeundae. This quaint two-story bar had tacos, nachos, fajitas, quesadillas and burritos. Appetizers and coffee are also sold there. The bar is near the beach and other restaurants that cater to foreigners. How good is the food? You can eat a decent Mexican meal at Fuzzy Navel which tastes authentic to similar restaurants in the United States. The restaurant is usually crowded with guests.

Fuzzy Navel has a fun, party, atmosphere. Meet friends there, or if you happen to be out on the beach alone, stop in for food and drinks. The atmosphere is great for couples, singles, or large groups. If there isn’t any room on the first floor, sit on the second floor and gaze down at the bar. It’s fun to watch the bartenders flip and juggle bottles of booze before they pour. You can watch them as they work, unobserved due to Fuzzy Navel’s open floormplan. Of course, Fuzzy Navel is also a bar. You can try a wide variety of drinks including, draft beer, frozen cocktails, and shooters. Some say that Fuzzy Navel has awesome fire cocktail shows.

To get to Fuzzy Navel, in Haeundae, take the subway, line 2 to Haeundae. Next, take exit five out of the station and walk straight, towards the beach. During the summer months, you can simply follow the crowds. Walk past the Thursday Party, a bar on your right. Fuzzy Navel is on the left side of the street near a crosswalk.

Some people go to Fuzzy Navel every night, and if you are in love with Mexican food and like a vibrant, exciting bars, Fuzzy Navel is the bar for you. Don’t feel as though you are limited to drinking and partying at the Haeundae location.

In addition to the location in Haeundae, there are locations in Seomyeon, in the vicinity of the Foxy and the Angel Hotel. There’s another location in Gwangan touting outdoor seating and views of the beautiful Gwangan Bridge. If you take a subway to to Fuzzy Navel, remember that the trains in Busan stop running at midnight. You may need to take a cab home or get a ride with a friend who has not been driving. The Haeundae location is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 a.m.

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