VIPS Restaurant

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VIPS Restaurant

VIPS restaurant is a restaurant chain with several locations in Busan. VIPS is a foreign-owned Western-style restaurant. Go to VIPs if you are hungry for pork ribs or steak. Entrees at VIPs include lobster and tenderloin steak for 69,800 won, grilled pork ribs for about 37,000 won, and grilled tenderloin steak for 36,800 won. A sampler with steak, ribs and shrimp are also on the menu for 59,800 won.

Many people visit VIPS for the buffet which includes a salad bar, desserts, bread, and hot foods. The salad bar has most of the fixings to make a superb salad. There are greens, olives, tomatoes, and plenty of diced vegetables. There is a variety of salad dressings at the bar as well.

The hot bar contains all you can eat ribs. Usually there are at least two different styles, a sweet, mild flavor and a spicier flavor. The hot bar may also contain ground beef. You will also find jumbo steamed shrimp on the buffet at VIPs.

VIPS clearly has the ambiance of a mid-ranged Western restaurant. American music is usually piped through the restaurant, and the menu is in English. Servers speak some English and can understand you best if you speak slowly and distinctly in short sentences. Depending on the location, VIPS is usually not crowded, but both the food and the service are good. The location in the Busan Station area was clean. Servers will promptly remove dirty dishes from your table if you order the buffet, and they will do their best to understand you and fulfill your requests.

Although the restaurant is a Western-style facility, it still has some Korean touches that you should be aware of. In Korea, you usually get your check at the beginning of the meal, VIPS is no different. In Korea, you don’t have to leave a tip. So, don’t worry about tipping at VIPS. When you are ready to pay, you may have to take your check to a cashier that is not in the dining room. The server may not take your payment.
Some people visit VIPs for special occasions, and it is not unusual to see a large party of people there. Private rooms are available, but there are also long tables suitable for groups in the main dining room.

To get to the Busan Station location in Busan, take the subway, line one and exit using the Choryang exit which should lead you to the side of the street near China Town. The restaurant is on the other side of the street from the train station. Walk towards the highway overpass, and you will see VIPS on the right.

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