Watching Movies in English in Busan

What's New — By Claudine Williams on August 9, 2010 at 2:28 am

Lotte Cinema

Box Office at Lotte Cinema

Watching movies in Busan can pose a challenge for visitors who do not speak Korean. Although there are a few theaters that have movies in English, most of the movie listings are in Korean. Unlike in the United States and other countries, you may not be able to check movie listings online if you do not speak Korean. People who attend the International Film Festival in Busan may be able to view listings in English online, but patience is needed to navigate the site. The English may be garbled, and it may be a challenge to locate the toggle for switching to English from Korean. You need to ask for the assistance from a person who speaks Korean to purchase your tickets online if you plan on using that method to buy tickets for the annual film festival.

For regular visits to the movies other times during the year, you can try theaters in Lotte Departments Stores in Shinsegae Department Store and Miligore Store. You have to know what you want to watch and the movie’s plot before visiting the theater. Movie posters and summaries are posted in the theaters, but they are in Korean. Commercials for movies that are played on Korean television are also in Korean, of course.

Movie theaters in Korea may operate differently than theaters that you are accustomed to. When you first enter the theater, you need to take a number. This is the number that you will use to buy your movie ticket. Theaters in Busan have large digital signs with the next number up. Be prepared to move quickly when your number comes up! Next, head to the counter and slowly tell the associate which movie you would like to see. Movie times sometimes are located over the customer service counter. Some theaters have the times printed near the movie posters. You will see a large display with all of the posters in the theater. The names of the movies may or may not be in English, but there is usually a picture from the movie next to the time, so you can figure it out if you know what you want to see.

You can also simply ask the associate all of the times for your preferred movie and wait until the show begins. Some associates in the theaters speak English. Some do not. Speak slowly and clearly until you can decide how well you are understood.

The associate will then ask you where you would like to sit, and show you the available seats in the theater. Choose your seat. You will then get your ticket. The seat and row that you choose is printed on the ticket. Ask the associate for help in understanding where you should sit, and in which theater your movie is shown.

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