A Visit to Nampodong

Things to Do — By Claudine Williams on August 11, 2010 at 5:58 am


Shopping Area in Nampodong

Nampo-dong is one of the hotspots for young people in Busan. In the afternoon and evening the place moves with 20 somethings window shopping, eating in the restaurants, snacking on street food or going to the movies. There are several theaters in the central PIFF Square of Pusan International Film Festival Plaza, including CGV Nampo, Daeyeong Cinema and C. Busan Theater. The PIFF plaza also contains a street where famous Korean film stars and directors have left their handprints. It’s the Korean version of Hollywood stars. Another theater, B.S. Joeun Theater, screen 1 is located South of PIFF Plaza near Gudeok-no Ave. and next to Soo Tourist hotel.

Other sites that you should see in Nampodong include Sasipgyedan Tourist Street with sculptures that depict people during the Korean War. The areas is also famous because the Korean movie Nowhere to Hide was filmed there. There is also a Sasipgyedan Culture Center with information about the war and its refugees.
Jugang Park is a memorial to dead soldiers. There are sculptures and a monument there as well. Baeksan Memorial Hall in Nampodong is an area that remembers Baeksan Ahn who ran company there. Baeksan was anti-Japanese and loyal to Korea.

Yongduan Park houses Busan Tower. A large statue of Chungmugong is one of the first things that you see as you head to the tower. Chungmugong, according to Korea.net means Martial Lord to Loyalty. Yi Sun Shim was called Chungmugong because he helped defeat the Japanese during a war between 1592 and 1598 Korea.net says.

Additional parks in Nampdong include Democracy Park, a park that teaches about and celebrates democracy in Busan. Each area in the park has different themes where local people say that you can take a rest. The Torch of Democracy monument is an important symbol in the park.
Sumireau Park on the water. It’s basically a paved area where people can sit and relax near the ferry terminal.

The plethora of shopping in Nampodong is what draws tourists and local people alike. There’s Gukje Market, Sindonga Market for seafood, a dried seafood wholesale market, Shincheonji Market has household goods. Shopping centers in Korea are sometimes termed arcades. The Gwangbok and Nampo arcades are shopping areas. Buy clothes, shoes and accessories in these centers. Visitors who are looking for Korean memorabilia can find traditional Korean dress on Hanbok street. Dried herbs are near the Yeongdodari Bridge on the Dried Herb Medicine Street. In addition, there are food alleys and a Porridge Street that specialize in porridge.

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