Temples in Busan

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Temple in KoreaSouth Korea is well-known for its beautiful Buddhist temples.The temples usually require a hike up a mountain or hill to visit them, but for people who like hiking, its worth the experience. Most of the larger temples in South Korea have placards written in English so that foreign visitors can understand the history related to the monuments. Many temples have areas where people can buy street food or memorabilia nearby. Often along the walk up to the temple, especially if you are walking up a wide paved road, you’ll see Korean men and women selling cold treats and snacks to make the walk more enjoyable. Food and tea that’s native to the region that you in are big sellers near the most famous temples. Here are some temples in Busan:
Beomeosa Temple is likely the most well-known temple. Groups of people often schedule overnight stays in this temple.

During temple stays, visitors are expected to live as the monks do. They teach you how to meditate, and you eat and sleep when the monks do. Temple stays are can be peaceful getaways from the real world. Although popular temples are usually crowded, they are typically tranquil places to visit. People usually speak in hushed tones on the grounds of temples (as opposed to shouting) and it is virtually silent inside the temples.

Beomeosa Temple is 1,300 old and is located on Mt. Geumjeongsan. Like most temples in Busan, Beomeosa temple has a larger temple, surrounded by smaller temples. Each temple on the grounds is different and has its own intricate paintings and designs inside. See the wisteria forest from this temple’s heights.To get to Beomeosa temple, take the subway, line 1 to the Beomeosa Station and use exit 7 out of the station. Take bus number 90 to the temple.

For views of the sea, visit Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. This temple was built on the coast. Listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the jagged cliffs below the temple. According to Busan Sparkling, people visit this temple in particular for the remarkable views of the sunrise on January 1st. Take the subway, line 1 to the Haeundae station, and use exit 9 out of the station, to get to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Then take bus 181 and walk.

Are you looking for something to do on Buddha’s birthday in Busan? Why not visit a temple? Samgwangsa Temple is decorated with lanterns during Buddha’s birthday, according to Busan Sparkling. Visit the temple at night to see the lights. Take the subway, line 1 to the Seomyeon station. Use exit 2 out of the station and take bus number 63.

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