Felicidades Mamas!

Events, Things to Do, What's New — By Chris Sands on May 11, 2011 at 8:32 pm

Unlike the United States, where the date of Mother’s Day varies slightly from year to year, in Mexico the Dia de las Madres always falls on May 10th. Like the United States, it is traditional to shower Moms with candy, flowers, and other gifts. Breakfast in bed is always popular, as are trips out for special lunches and dinners.

In Los Cabos, Cinco de Mayo recently passed without so much as a whimper. The date, which marks the Mexican army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, has gained increasing significance in the U.S. as a celebration of Mexican national culture. In Los Cabos, no one seemed to care, and the few celebratory tequila shots that were hoisted seemed confined to visitors from Southern California. Diez de Mayo, on the other hand, is a major holiday throughout Mexico, and has been celebrated as such since 1922.

Mother's Day banner at Plaza Amelia Wilkes.Photo courtesy of Vic Vertigo.

And though the holiday has become important around the world (we all have mothers, after all), in Mexico is seems to be observed with more vigor than many other countries. It is not uncommon for Moms to be serenaded on the morning of their special day by family members, or, in some instances, mariachi bands. In Mexico City, the Monumento a la Madre towers over the Jardin del Arte, with an inscription that reads “a la que nos amo antes de conocernos” (to she who loves us before she meets us). In San Lucas, local schools have displays of poems and artwork dedicated to Moms prominently displayed, and a stage has been erected at the town square, Plaza Amelia Wilkes, for the purpose of speeches and skits.  The banner over the stage reads Felicidades Mama!

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