Cabo’s Best New Bar And Grill

Food, Nightlife, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Chris Sands on October 21, 2011 at 5:16 pm

In a place like Cabo San Lucas, famed for its nightlife, competition among bars and restaurants is intense.  Thus, Cabo Blue’s increasing popularity as an affordable dining option and late night party spot has been one of the area’s most notable recent success stories. Formerly called Blue Jungle, the downtown bar and grill’s rebranding in early April was one of the first of many improvements and upgrades made by new co-owners and bar managers Scott and Amanda Osborne.

Scott’s A/V background (he owned an A/V business in the Tampa area for over twenty years) has been a crucial factor in building Cabo Blue’s popularity. The music at the bar is varied (they have enough songs in the music library to go 176 days without a repeat) and always interesting, changing in tone throughout the day. They favor country music during the afternoon, focus on classic rock in the evenings, and feature a more energetic and contemporary dance edge during the wee hours. They also have a hard rocking house band that plays four nights a week, from Wednesday through Saturday, for the increasing numbers of people who have been flocking to the bar for the great late night atmosphere.

Another interesting touch are the music videos that are interspersed with photos on the high-definition televisions. Scott and Amanda take pictures of their patrons, upload them onto the bar’s Facebook account, and they are looped onto the screens while the stars of the photos are still partying. It’s a great concept, and certainly doesn’t hurt the enthusiasm of their crowds, who go to great lengths to appear as photogenic as possible.

Relaxing in the shade at Cabo Blue.Photo courtesy of Vic Vertigo.

But the success of the bar, beyond the A/V upgrades and an overall atmosphere that combines tequila-loosened inhibitions and an “anything goes” attitude with a low tolerance for boorish behavior, also rests on a combination of outstanding pub-style food and very competitive and local-friendly prices. Twenty peso beers are a big draw, as are the great burgers and tacos available from the grill. The fish tacos here are superb, and at $1 each all day Friday, are hard to resist.

Other weekly specials include Ladies Night on Mondays from 9 p.m. to midnight, with an array of free drinks for the distaff set; $1 beers all day and all night on Tuesdays; 2×1 drinks during an all-day Happy Hour on Wednesdays; 2×1 margaritas and mojitos on Thursdays; 2×1 Jack Daniels and the aforementioned tacos on Fridays; and 2×1 vodka drinks on Saturdays.  Scott is also a partner in Chill, a new frozen yogurt bar that has recently opened next door to Cabo Blue in Plaza Real.

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