Hiking & Biking In Baja Sur

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Water-based activities are big business in Los Cabos, but hiking, biking, and other more terrestrial pursuits are available for those who want to get-off-the-beaten-path. In Cabo San Lucas, beach walking and city tours are always good options. Cabo Expeditions offers excellent walking tours of the city, and anyone staying in the downtown area or along the coast will have ready access to vast expanses of sand, making barefoot walks along the shore a perennial favorite. For real hikes, however, the best bet is a trip into the Sierra de la Lagunas.

The hills and mountains of the Sierras form the spine of Baja California Sur, vegetation-dusted vertebrae that run in a north-south direction up the inland portion of the peninsula. One of the more interesting aspects of Baja is that large stretches of contrasting mountain and desert climates are surrounded on either side by large bodies of water ( the Sea of Cortez to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west), and visitors who are content to enjoy the superb resorts and cooling winds of the coastal plains are receiving only a partial introduction to the area. There are many trails in the Sierras, and the best time to enjoy them is late autumn and early winter, when the sun is not quite so hot, the rainy season is past, and there is decidedly less chance of meeting members of the local rattlesnake population.

Scenic hiking in the Sierra de la Lagunas.Image: Cabo Concierge.

For a tour that combines hiking with an introduction to the local flora and fauna, Cabo Adventures features an Outback Adventure in which knowledgeable local guides introduce you to giant Cardon cacti, as well as plenty of other interesting plants, trees, and wildlife. Additional highlights of the tour, which is conducted north of San Lucas near Migrino, include a camel ride along the beach, tortilla rolling and tequila drinking lessons, and a delicious traditional Mexican meal. Cabo Adventures is also starting a mountain biking tour in the same area, with variations available for different skill levels. Guided Sierra de la Laguna hikes and mountain biking tours at various areas of interest around Los Cabos are available from Cabo Concierge.

It is somewhat dangerous to ride bicycles around Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor, and San Jose del Cabo because the local drivers rarely slow for stop signs until they have reached the middle of an intersection, and assume it is your responsibility to stay out of their way. It can be a harrowing experience at best, although enthusiasts of extreme sports will find rentals available from some of the activities companies on Playa el Medano. Guided mountain biking tours outside the Cape cities are decidedly more prudent, however, and will probably prove much more satisfying.

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