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Top Stops For Regional Mexican Cuisine

Top Stops For Regional Mexican Cuisine February 1, 2012 | Food | Read More
As befits Mexico’s most popular tourist destination, Los Cabos boasts plenty of world-class fine dining establishments, as well as hundreds of hole-in-the-wall taquerías. However, one of the complaints most often heard from transplanted Mexicans is that the area lacks the “real,” traditional...

The Top Hotel Dining Experiences in Los Cabos

The Top Hotel Dining Experiences in Los Cabos January 26, 2012 | Food, Hotels, What's New | Read More
Hotel restaurants don’t always receive the publicity or word-of-mouth recommendations of their stand-alone counterparts, largely because travelers aren’t likely to tour or seek out the facilities of resorts in which they are not staying. Nevertheless, it is impossible to list the outstanding...

Cabo’s Best Bar Food

Cabo’s Best Bar Food January 20, 2012 | Food, Nightlife, What's New | Read More
For all the great fine dining options in Cabo San Lucas, those in the mood for something a little less sophisticated – a burger to enjoy with beers while watching the latest sporting event, or some fish tacos to soak up the margaritas you had at the beach – will find plenty of satisfying...

Hiking & Biking In Baja Sur

Hiking & Biking In Baja Sur January 13, 2012 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Water-based activities are big business in Los Cabos, but hiking, biking, and other more terrestrial pursuits are available for those who want to get-off-the-beaten-path. In Cabo San Lucas, beach walking and city tours are always good options. Cabo Expeditions offers excellent walking tours of the city,...
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