Friday Photo: View from the Cairo Tower

Photo Friday, Things to Do — By Pharaonick on April 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm

Today’s Friday Photo is a view out over Cairo from the Cairo Tower.

You can see just a little slice of edge-of-Downtown Cairo chaos. We are facing kind of east-northeast, towards Heliopolis.

To the left of the picture is the Ramses Hilton – a pretty sweet hotel that looks horrific from the outside. The bridge is the 6th October Bridge, a date which commemorates the start of Egypt’s 1973 war with Israel. Believe it or not, the traffic was nowhere near as chaotic as usual. At least it was moving.

The river is, well, the Nile!

On a clear day (which can be few and far between), the views from the tower are spectacular. You can really get a feel for the huge, sprawling mess that is Cairo. Love it!

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