The Horeya bar blues

Nightlife, Travel Tips, What's New — By Pharaonick on May 3, 2010 at 2:20 pm

It feels like Horeya Bar has been closed for years, though it’s only been a couple of months. It closed on the day of the Moulid al-Nabi (the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday), which this year was February 26th, and it’s not been open since.

As is so often the case in Cairo, the Arabic telephone – the means by which rumours get spread and embellished – has been in full swing.

Reasons given for the closure include:

  • It got flooded during the rainstorm that day.
  • It was closed for refurbishment.
  • The owner died.
  • There were complaints from local residents about… something.
  • They hadn’t paid the right baksheesh to the right people.

In other words, no-one really has a scooby. (Sorry, that’s my Cockney creeping in here: Scooby Doo, “clue”.)

What we do know is this:

  • Horeya bar isn’t open.
  • Lots of people are upset about this.
  • Except maybe for the Stella Bar, which – funnily enough – seems to be a whole lot busier these days.
  • Although the staff from Horeya keep saying the bar will be open “ba3d bokra insha’Allah” (after tomorrow, God willing), it seems that “after tomorrow” in this case means a real long time after tomorrow.
  • No-one knows for sure when it will re-open.
  • But it has been refurbished… or at least given a new lick of paint.
  • Which hopefully means it is going to re-open, and sooner rather than later.
  • Insha’Allah.

I’ll keep you updated. But in the meantime, visitors to Cairo still have plenty of Downtown watering holes to choose from, including Stella Bar, Le Grillon, Estoril, The Odeon, and all the dive bars that make up the baladi bar crawl.


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