Friday Photo: Sunset in Cairo from the Nile

Photo Friday, Things to Do — By Pharaonick on June 18, 2010 at 12:10 pm

This photo was taken from the Nile down in Maadi during a sunset felucca ride. Although the Nile isn’t so romantic (or anywhere near so clean!) in Cairo as it is in, say, Aswan, getting out onto the water is still a pretty magical way to spend an hour or so.

Although there are a number of places to take a felucca ride in Cairo, for my money one of the best spots is from the Cornice in Maadi, just next to the Grand Cafe. There are no bridges to get in the way, and the river is nice and wide. You can sweep back and forth, lulled into somnolence by the swish of the water against the hull, and the slap of the breeze against the sails.

Prices are negotiable, though around 60 LE for the boat per hour is the standard rate, and you should tip your felucca captain on top of this. It’s possible to take along some food for a picnic, and – if your captain is cool with it – perhaps a couple of beers or a bottle of wine too. Just beware, toilet facilities are… limited!

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