Photo Friday: Getting All Pharaonic at the Pharaonic Village

Photo Friday, Things to Do — By Pharaonick on July 3, 2010 at 2:22 pm

It’s great when you have friends visit that have visited Cairo before. They’ve done all the top tourist sites of Cairo, so you can concentrate on having a good time.

When my friend Juliette came to stay, we decided to go ham it up at the Pharaonic Village. I’ve blogged briefly about the Pharaonic Village before. Suffice it to say that we had a great time… but I’m not sure our guide did!

The best bit was dressing up in Pharaonic clothing and posing for pictures. The staff take it very seriously. We tried, but couldn’t.

I’m sure you agree I make a pretty rocking Ramesses, and that my battle face is enough to strike terror into all enemies of the Pharaohs, whether alive or dead. I’m not known as pharaonick for nothing, you know!

Note: Yep, this is a photo of a photo. We couldn’t get a digital version of the original. And I know it’s Saturday today, and it’s meant to be Photo Friday, but hey, duties as Pharaoh have to take precedence over blogging.

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  • Bec says:

    nice pic, terrifying indeed ;)

  • Carlo Alcos says:

    Haha. Was someone charging at you by any chance?

  • Mikeachim says:

    Who would have thought the ancient Egyptians looked so….Anglo-Saxon?

    And Pharaohs make the rules, yes. Saturday Schmaturday. Anyone who disagrees will be forced to make a Pyramid.

  • Mike says:

    Oh man, there’s gotta be a thousand ways to market that photo. Let’s think about it. Maybe T-shirts, coffee mugs, Prune Juice bottles…

  • Liv says:

    “Does the Red Sea look a little unstable to you, mates? Oh. Crap.”

  • Elizabds says:

    Haha, and if you go to the Citadel and dress up, it’s fun too. Mamluk clothes (with sword) and the backdrop is even more impressive: the Mohammed Ali mosque.


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