Ten Tweeps You Should Follow to Find Out What’s Going On in Cairo

Things to Do — By Pharaonick on December 16, 2010 at 7:42 pm

If you’re visiting Cairo, you’ll want to know what’s happening in the city. These ten organizations tweet about events you may want to check out. Some of the accounts are still establishing themselves, but are worth following nonetheless.

In a later post, I’ll follow up with individual Cairo tweeters – rather than companies – that are great to follow.

1. @iCroc – mobile guide to Cairo. Engaging and amusing tweets about drinking, dining, music, cinema, art… you name it!

2. @Cairo360 – comprehensive online guide to Cairo with lots of reviews.

3. @DailyNewsEgypt – independent English language newspaper, worth keeping an eye on their culture section.

4. @AlMasryAlYoum_E – another independent English language newspaper, also worth keeping an eye on their culture section.

5. @EcoOptionsEgypt – website devoted to environmental issues in Egypt, great for information on upcoming green events in Cairo.

6. @YallaBinaFans – although you have to join their website to get best use from it, the Yallabina twitter account is a good what’s on resource.

7. @CairoScene – calendar-based what’s on guide focusing on the Cairo party scene.

8. @TheCairoZoom – this is actually an events photography website, but it gives a good flavor of the Cairo high life.

9. @Yala7wy – a bit of fun more than anything else, this is an Egyptian version of Texts From Last Night. Window into a segment of the population?

10. @NG_Cairo – last but not least, I’ll help keep you up to date with events in Cairo, as well as useful tourist and visitor links and information.

Any others you can think to add?

Note: Photo by Rosaura Ochoa.

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