Friday Photo: Arabic Calligraphy in the Street of the Tentmakers

Photo Friday — By Pharaonick on December 17, 2010 at 2:41 pm

Today’s Friday Photo is of an artist in the Street of the Tentmakers, just south of Bab Zwayla on al-Muizz li-Din Allah street.

This market is where artists make colorful applique wall hangings, cushion covers and so on that would traditionally have been used to decorate Arabic tents. Nowadays, it’s mostly tourists who buy these hand-made items as souvenirs, but the craftsmen are no less proud of their work for that.

This guy was so into his work that he barely looked up, even though we were standing over him, staring. He was sewing Arabic calligraphy onto what would become a wall hanging, and was kind enough to let my friend take a few photos.

Photo used with kind permission of Nadia Maanani.

Artist in the Street of the Tentmakers

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