Winter Driving in the Rockies: Resources for A Great Trip

Travel Tips, What's New — By Jan Lee on March 1, 2011 at 10:38 pm

Skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort Photo by David Gluns & Tourism BC

Driving winter roads in the Rockies is often one of the necessary hassles one has to put up with in order to take advantage of great skiing. Fortunately, B.C. has an excellent winter advisory system that keeps travelers up to date on road conditions, weather and when necessary, road closures in the province. Alberta has set up a good reference system as well. Both provinces are also fairly good at keeping roads cleared, sanded and posted for detours.

NileGuide Link to Weather Underground and Twitter

In Canada and the U.S., travelers can get on-the-spot weather information by clicking on NileGuide’s Weather Underground icon (or, often called “Wunderground”, located just below the Canadian Rockies blog) on the Canadian Rockies page. Wunderground’s information can be used for any destination in Canada as well as the U.S. Type the city closest to the area in the Rockies that you are interested in and it will provide up-to-date weather information for that area. For example, for a glimpse at the weather conditions in Invermere (which is near Kicking Horse Ski Resort incidentally), type in Invermere, British Columbia (Wunderground will likely summarize the destination as “Invermere Canada”).

You can also take advantage of interesting quips of information about travel on our NileGuide Twitter page, which has an icon on the Rockies page as well. Feel free to subscribe to this post.

Sunset Jump at Red Mountain - Photo by Dave Heath & Tourism BC

BC and Alberta Provincial Transportation Information

Drivers in BC can also get great information on road conditions at the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation’s website (, which divides the province up into four main regions that are accessible by clicking on “weather” on the left-hand side of the page. For the BC Rockies, you will want to access the Southern Interior region.

Drivers heading for the Alberta Rockies can click on Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation ( and follow the links it provides for road conditions (handled by the AMA).

At the present time (March 1), all roads to the Canadian Rockies are open. Snow is expected in the Rockies for the first week of March, which may lend to driving a little slower on winter roads.  But it also means even better skiing at the end of the drive!

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