Hurricane Wilma Video From Coco Bongo’s Grand Reopening in 2006

Nightlife, What's New — By Susan Vincil on October 20, 2010 at 10:10 pm

When Cancun’s world-famous nightclub, Coco Bongo, reopened months after hurricane Wilma wiped out most of the city, they started the night by playing this video.  I was there that night and, when I saw the video, it brought tears to my eyes.  After 5 years, it still brings tears to my eyes when I see the devastation Wilma caused to my adopted hometown.  The video shows parts of the hotel zone under water and major destruction of buildings.  Thankfully, in just a few months, Cancun was back to normal…..but Cancun residents aren’t likely to ever forget living through such a strong (and lengthy) hurricane.


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