Cancun Cycling Challenge and Day of the Dead & Halloween Celebrations: What’s Happening In Cancun This Weekend

Events — By Susan Vincil on October 28, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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Daylight Savings Time ends in Cancun at 2:00am on October 31st, one week before you change the time in the United States.  If you are in Cancun this weekend, be sure to set your clocks back one hour, before going to bed on Saturday night.  The great thing about the time change is that you get one more hour in Cancun!  And, for all of your party people out there, you will get an extra hour in the nightclubs, since we will turn back the clocks back before closing time.

Halloween is Sunday, October 31st, Day of the Innocents is November 1st, and Day of the Dead is November 2nd.  There will be big Halloween celebrations at Cancun’s nightclubs and Xcaret is having a it’s annual Day of the Dead event, called Festival of Life and Death.  The festival at Xcaret will be held from October 30th through November 2nd.  Some hotels are also offering special rates, or packages deals for Day of the Dead.

The Cancun Cycling Challenge will be held on Saturday, October 30th.  The event is open to any cyclists willing to fork over the entry fee so that means the race will have elite cyclists from around the world as well as novice cyclists and children.  The 11-kilometer course will be primarily inside of the Puerto Cancun community, in downtown Cancun, but portions of the course are on Avenida Bonampak.  The race begins at 8:00am.  Proceeds from the race will go to Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross Mexico).

Pat O’Brien’s, a once-popular restaurant & bar in Cancun, closed earlier this month.  Unfortunately, the closure will be permanent.

Earlier this year, it was announced that a Playboy Club would be opening in Cancun.  Details have been (and still are) very hush-hush, but rumor has it that the ball is rolling and the opening will be in the next couple of months.  Another rumor claims that the club will have a casino with table games.  This has not yet been confirmed, but we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.  There are currently casinos in Cancun, but all of the games are on video screens, since the law does not allow for table games, like poker and blackjack.  The thought of an actual Las Vegas-type casino in Cancun is very exciting so let’s hope the rumors are true.

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  • Arianna Banuelos says:

    Did you know that casinos are ilegal in Mexico? Gambling is one thing, but this Las Vegas-Type is a different story. Interesting that so many events are coming around the same schedule: The Cancun Cycling Challenge, Xcaret Festival, Concacaf…

  • Linda Stevens says:

    The Playboy rumour is definitely true. I live in England and there was a note in the paper last week saying that Playboy were going to reopen a Club in London and a further two – one was in Cancun. It did say these Clubs would have a casino. (Not sure whether that applied to Cancun as well).


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