Playboy Bunnies, an Underwater Museum, & a Climate Change Conference: What’s New in Cancun

Events, Nightlife, Things to Do, What's New — By Susan Vincil on December 9, 2010 at 9:07 pm

While I was on vacation (Yes, people living in Cancun actually leave to vacation in other parts of the world.), I missed lots of excitement in Cancun.

To start things off, the United Nations Climate Change Conference began on November 29th, causing horrendous traffic delays around town (but mostly in the area of the airport and around Moon Palace, which is near the convention center and where many of the delegates are staying), due to heightened security measures and protesters that were blocking streets.  World leaders and representatives from nearly 200 countries are currently in Cancun, but the conference ends tomorrow.

Keeping with the theme of making the world a better place, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. opened Playboy Club Cancun, on December 4th.  The grand opening for the $7.5 million club & casino was an exclusive, invitation-only event. Carmen Electra was a special guest.  In addition to the gorgeous Electra, there were various other Playboy Playmates in attendance, and of course, the world-famous Playboy Bunnies were present, as well.  Playboy Club Cancun is different from all of the other nightclubs in Cancun because it is a sophisticated, upscale club.  That type of entertainment option has not been available before now.  There is also a casino inside the club, with tables for blackjack as well as machines for video poker and other games of chance.  This type of casino (one with table games) is the first of it’s kind, in Cancun.  Before Playboy Club Cancun opened, casinos in Cancun were not permitted to have table games with dealers.

Carmen Electra arriving at the grand opening of Playboy Club Cancun | Photo by Carmen Bianca

Playboy Playmates at grand opening of Playboy Club Cancun

Playboy Playmates at grand opening of Playboy Club Cancun | Photo by Carmen Bianca

Playboy Bunnies at Playboy Club Cancun

The World-Famous Playboy Bunnies at Playboy Club Cancun | Photo by Carmen Bianca

And, if that wasn’t enough, MUSA, Cancun’s underwater museum finally opened, too.  The underwater museum has 3 locations and includes 400 sculptures, by British artist Jason Taylor deCaires.  The sculptures have been placed underwater and coral will eventually grow on them.  This will not only make for interesting snorkeling trips, but it is also environmentally friendly, since most snorkelers and divers will mainly visit the underwater museum, instead of at the area’s natural coral reefs.  Aqua World Cancun, and many tour operators in Cancun, offer tours to the underwater museum.

One of the many sculptures that make up Cancun's underwater museum. | Photo courtesy of Museo Subacuatico de Arte

Cancun is full of changes and definitely has new things to see and do.  If you haven’t been here for a while, it’s time to get back down here and check out the new places.

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