Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Cancun

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Champagne ready for toasting 2011! | Photo by Waldo Jaquith

At the stroke of midnight, on New Year’s Eve, it is customary to toast the new year with champagne and to hug & kiss your loved ones.  When celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mexico, you still toast with champagne and kiss your sweetheart, but it’s also customary to stay up all night to watch the first sunrise of the new year and to eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes 12.  With each ring of the clock, you are to eat 1 grape and make a wish.  At the end of the 12 chimes of the clock, you will have eaten 12 “grapes of happiness” and made 12 wishes for the new year.

Another holiday custom is to write down all of the bad things that happened to you in the current year and, just before midnight, toss the list of bad things into the fire.  You must simultaneously give thanks for all the good things you had during the year, so the good will continue in the new year.  Also, it’s traditional to decorate for your New Year’s Eve party by using the colors red, white, green, and yellow.  The colors represent love, health, money, and employment, respectively.  Decorating with each of these colors indicates that you wish to have more love, better health, more money, and improved work conditions, in the new year.

While celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cancun, you will may not encounter people following all of these customs, but if you go to a party, you will definitely be given 12 grapes some time before midnight.

You can find a great party in Cancun on most any night of the year but, on New Year’s Eve, the parties are even better!  All of the nightclubs and bars will have some sort of celebration going on.  The large clubs generally have a theme party, of some sort.  Hotels normally have special dinners, followed by parties.  Here are a few of the parties & dinners that will be taking place on New Year’s Eve:

  • Hard Rock Cafe is serving a 4-course meal with open bar for $1,300 MXN per adult.  Children pay $500 MXN for for the meal.  There will be a live rock band performing inside and, outside on the oceanfront terrace, there will be a DJ.  If you wish to only purchase open bar, the cost is $800 MXN.  For more information, call (998) 881-8120
  • Caribbean Carnival (a night cruise) will have a buffet dinner with open bar, 12 grapes, and sparkling wine to toast the new year.  Check-in at the marina at Playa Tortugas at 8pm and sail at 9pm.  This is a fun party at any time of year and it’s sure to be wild on New Year’s Eve.  For more information, call (998) 884-3760.
  • Chocolate City has a dinner/party package that includes a 4-course meal, 12 grapes, and open bar.  The price is $699 MXN per adult.  There is a children’s menu for kid’s under 12, at a price of $350 MXN per child.
  • Senor Frog’s, which is always just one big, non-stop party, will have Premium Open Bar (with top-shelf liquors) for $600 MXN, per adult.  The price includes 1 complimentary yard glass and express entry to the club.  There will be contests (and prizes!) and a live band will perform.  When the band is not performing, there will be a DJ.  Doors open at 10pm.  For reservations or more information, call (998) 883-3454.
  • Le Meridien hotel will have a 5-course meal and a party in Gazebo.  The price of the dinner, which is $1,800 MXN, per person,  includes cover charge for the party.  NO drinks are included.
  • Omni Cancun will host a 70s & 80s themed party called Disco Nights.  There will be a dinner (international buffet), an 80s show, live music & a DJ, 12 grapes, and a champagne toast.  The fun starts at 8pm and goes until 3am.  The price is $1,200 MXN for adults, $600 MXN for ages 12-17, $250 MXN for ages 2-11, and children under the age of 6 are free.
  • Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach will have 3 different celebrations at their hotel.  There will be a 6-course meal in Le Basilic restaurant and live jazz. The price is $140 USD, per person.  In La Joya restaurant, they will have a 6-course meal, open bar, live music with a folkloric dance performance. The cost is $160 USD, per person.  And, in Isla Contoy restaurant, there will be a buffet dinner with open bar, and live music & dancing.  The price for that party is $180 USD, per person.  For reservations, or more information, call (998) 881-3200  ext. 3380
  • Ritz-Carlton Cancun will also have 3 different parties at their hotel.  They will have a party in the Lobby Bar, starting at 10pm, with live music.  From 7pm-1am, the Gourmet New Year’s Dinner will be served in Fantino or The Club Grill.  Both restaurants will serve a gourmet, 4-course meal (a la carte) from their holiday menu.  And, finally, the most romantic event of them all…the “Welcome 2011 Under the Stars” party at Casitas, the Ritz-Carlton’s restaurant on the beach.  Beginning at 7pm, an a la carte dinner will be served at Casitas.  For reservations and information, call (998) 881-0808.

Playboy Club Cancun, Carlos n Charlie’s, Coco Bongo, The City, Dady’O, Sweet, and Westin Cancun also have events planned, but you need to contact each business for more details.  Also, La Parrilla restaurant, in downtown Cancun has announced that they will open at 12 noon on December 31st and January 1st.

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