New Year’s Resolutions for Cancun Lovers: Resolutions Worth Keeping

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Cancun's Hotel Zone | Photo by Daniel Camacho

The year is only a few days old but, by now, some of you have probably already given up on your new year’s resolutions for 2011.  Others are trying desperately to keep their resolutions and to be happier, thinner, or all-around better people.   Here are some resolutions that will not only make you a happier person, but they’ll probably be much easier to accomplish than the typical “quit smoking” and “lose weight” resolutions that most of your friends make each year.

1.  In 2011, resolve to travel more.  After all, Cancun is a great destination to visit at any time of the year.  If you are struggling to save money, keep in mind that there are often good deals on vacation packages for Cancun.  Mid-April to Mid-May is one of the least expensive times to visit the area and the weather is perfect then.  Take budget vacations, but don’t skip vacations altogether.  You’ll be happier after a little R&R.

2.  If you don’t want to give up drinking in the new year, then at least resolve to make your life more like a Corona commercial and have more beers (or margaritas!) on the beach, with your toes in the sand.  You can also learn a little about Mexican history when you attend a tequila tasting.

3.  If you were planning on losing weight or getting fit in the new year, then resolve to workout on the beaches of Cancun, during your vacation.  It’s much more fun than exercising in a boring old fitness center. Ladies, you can plan an entire vacation around health and fitness by attending a Bikini Bootcamp fitness & yoga retreat at Amansala resort, in Tulum.

4. Resolve to have a bit more adventure in your life this year. To get you started on the right track, we suggest that you climb a Mayan pyramid (you can still climb on the ruins at Coba), zip-line through the jungle, or swim with whale sharks in their natural habitat.

5. Have you always wanted to try scuba diving?  In 2011, resolve to dive the Great Mayan Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest coral reef (only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is larger).  The Great Mayan Barrier Reef stretches approximately 620 miles, from Isla Contoy (a small island near the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula) down to the Bay Islands of Honduras.  The island of Cozumel is known for spectacular scuba diving, but there are many other great places to dive around Cancun and Riviera Maya.  Divers visiting Cancun will definitely be in heaven.

6. Are you bored with cooking the same meals over and over?  Learn to make something new by taking cooking classes at the Culinary Center at Ritz-Carlton Cancun, or at The Little Mexican Cooking School, in Puerto Morelos.  There are classes for different types of cuisine at the Ritz-Carlton but The Little Mexican Cooking School only teaches classes on Mexican cooking, as the name implies.

7. Learn Spanish…in Mexico!  Hire a private tutor to teach you Spanish while you vacation in Cancun.  Sure, you can read language course books or take classes in your hometown, but it sinks in much faster when everyone around you is speaking Spanish.  You also learn more quickly when you are in situations where you must speak in Spanish to do things like order food in a restaurant, or flirt with an attractive man or woman that does not speak any English.

8. Learn to Salsa dance in Cancun.  There are several bars in Cancun that play Latin dance music and they also have free dance lessons at the beginning of the evening.

9. Resolve to eat well, have fun, and be totally pampered by visiting one of the many top-of-the-line, luxury resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya.  Some of Mexico’s best hotels and spas are located right here, in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

10. To make the most of your next trip to Cancun, don’t forget to purchase the wonderfully informative maps from  Residents of Cancun & Riviera Maya find the maps quite useful, but they are invaluable resources to tourists.  They are a must-have for any Cancun lover.

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