Cancun Spring Break 2011 Events

Events, Nightlife — By Susan Vincil on March 1, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Cancun Nightlife | Photo by flickr user Allen Mason

Spring Break 2011 has been underway, in Cancun, for a couple of weeks but it’s about to get crazier!  The first two weeks of March, when most U.S. colleges have a week off, are the busiest time of the entire Spring Break season.

During these first two weeks of March, there will be performances by international recording artists or DJs in the major nightclubs.

Here is the most recent list of events for Spring Break 2011:

March 1st: DJ Colleen Shannon at Playa Cabaña (the beach club at The City)

March 2nd: DJ Benzy at Basic  (The club’s famous wet t-shirt contest will be held this night and it gets WILD!)

March 3rd: DJ Sid Vicious at Dady’O

March 4th: DJ Savi at The City

March 5th: DJ Five at Basic and there will be a Masquerade Party at The City

March 6th: Ronnie from Jersey Shore will be at Dady’O

March 7th: DJ Chopps at Bulldog Cafe

March 8th: Flo Rida Concert at The City

March 9th: Hyper Crush at Pat O’Brien’s

March 10th: DJ PS1 at Sweet

March 12th: DJ Echo at Basic

March 14th: DJ Chopps at Bulldog Cafe

For most event, it is not necessary to buy tickets ahead of time  and, most of the time, it is not even an option.  Expect to wait in long lines if you do not arrive when the clubs open, around 10pm.

Every Friday and Saturday, the after-hours party will be at Playa Cabaña, the beach club at The City.  The beach club opens at 3am, the time that the open bar ends in the other nightclubs.

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