End A Perfect Day in Cancun by Dining at The Club Grill

Food, Hotels, Things to Do — By Susan Vincil on May 25, 2011 at 6:06 pm

The Club Grill at Ritz-Carlton Cancun | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

The last two days of my visit to Ritz-Carlton Cancun were spent simply lounging on the beach in the beach villa.  It was absolutely marvelous!

On the last night of a perfect trip, my friends and I decided to cap off our long weekend by having dinner at The Club Grill, one of the two AAA Five Diamond restaurants located right inside Ritz-Carlton Cancun.  We were a little late arriving for our reservation and when we walked in the door, we were greeted by name (I guess our party was the only one that hadn’t arrived yet.  Either way, it was a nice touch.).  We were escorted to our table and, along the way, we had to walk across the dance floor.  A band was playing the likes of Frank Sinatra and other music suitable for a relaxing dinner.  It wasn’t too busy so only a few couples were dancing that night, but it’s still nice to know there is a place in Cancun where you can get all dolled up and go dancing (as opposed to what passes for dancing in the area nightclubs).

The Club Grill has soft lighting and is very warm and inviting.  Dark wood and antiques give this venue a masculine feel and it’s quite a lovely room.  The look and feel of The Club Grill is pretty much the opposite of the hotel’s other AAA Five Diamond restaurant, Fantino.  Fantino is decorated with light wood, light colors, and has a very feminine feel. It’s very elegant, while The Club Grill feels a bit more relaxed.

There are two menus at The Club Grill.  There is a tasting menu, which gives you several courses at a set price, and the regular menu, which offers a variety of entrees, such as fish, lobster, beef, lamb, chicken and duck.  One of the restaurant’s best, and most popular, dishes is the roasted duck.  It has been on the menu for around 15 years and is a real crowd pleaser.

To start, we were each served a small flavorful salad comprised of beets and greens, as well as a variety of breads and assorted flavored butters.  Everything was fabulous and we hadn’t even had anything we’d ordered yet.  It only got better.  We ordered the Caramelized Sea Scallops, Sautéed Foie Gras, and a Caesar Salad as appetizers.   Each was the perfect size and, of course, packed full of flavor.

Two of us selected the Crispy Organic Chicken Breast for our entrees while the other member of our party opted to have the Roasted Duck.  I am not normally a fan of duck but, since the roasted duck is such a big hit at The Club Grill, I tasted it. I was truly magnificent.  I was surprised by how delicious it was (since I don’t usually care for duck) and in that instant, I totally understood why the dish has been on the menu for so long.  I was slightly disappointed with my meal in comparison to the duck, but my chicken was rather tasty as well.

When we ordered our meals, the waiter asked if we would like to have a soufflé for dessert. It’s hard to know whether or not you will still have room for dessert before you have even started your meal, but it takes a while to bake a soufflé so that is why they ask you at the beginning of the evening.  Of course, when we heard they had a Caramel Coconut Soufflé, we said we’d like that for dessert.  After we had all cleaned our platesd, the soufflé arrived.  We all shared the decadent dessert.  It was so good that we were all practically fighting to get the next bite.  Needless to say, we devoured it in seconds flat.

Even though we were the last diners to leave the restaurant, we were never rushed.  At the end of our meal, the waiter gave a rose and a small box, containing a chocolate treat, to the women at the table.  That was a nice way to end our meal and our glorious stay at the hotel.

The Club Grill is located inside Ritz-Carlton Cancun and is only open 7:00pm-11:00pm, Thursday-Monday.  The attire is “smart casual”, but gentlemen are required to wear long pants and closed shoes.


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  • Geovanna says:

    Me recomendaron el restaurant Café Mexicano en el Ritz Carlton Cancún, aqui no lo mencionan, ya no está en funcionamiento o que pasó?

  • Susan Vincil says:


    Cafe Mexicano is still in the hotel. I had breakfast there a few times and really enjoyed it. I will mention that restaurant when I write a review of the entire hotel.



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