Cancun Restaurant Review: Harry’s

Food, Things to Do — By Susan Vincil on May 29, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar has only been open since December 2007, but in that time it has made a name for itself.  Harry’s is the go-to restaurant for a special occasion or just any night that you want spectacular food and outstanding service.

Patrons walk downstairs to enter the restaurant from the street level. Upon entering, there is a water feature on the wall. Sadly, that is the last moment of tranquility that you’ll experience at Harry’s, since they clearly do not believe in the concept of “background music.”  The music was so loud that I had trouble hearing the other people at my table (there were only three people in our party so the table wasn’t so large that hearing would have been an issue).  Thankfully, the loud music was the one and only thing that I can complain about at Harry’s.

The menu boasts USDA Prime beef and Kobe beef, as well as an extensive selection of seafood dishes. (There are only a few dishes for people that do not wish to have beef or seafood.)  You can have potatoes served six different ways or choose from unique (and incredibly delicious) side dishes like their Six Cheese Truffle Mac (it’s just fancy macaroni and cheese), Lobster Coleslaw, and Roasted Beets with Blue Cheese.

I chose the Surf & Turf platter: one pound of Alaskan king crab legs and an 8-ounce filet mignon.  One of my friends selected the other Surf & Turf platter: a 12-ounce Caribbean lobster tail and an 8-ounce petit cut New York steak.  We each got to choose the type of butter we wanted for our seafood (regular drawn butter, truffle butter, etc.), and which sauce we wanted on our steaks (Harry’s Steak Sauce, Bearnaise, etc.).  The other person in our party ordered one of the Prime Aged Steaks, which are dry-aged for 21 to 28 days to  make the meat “even more tender and to intensify its flavor.” We also ordered sides of Creamed Spinach and Six Cheese Truffle Mac.  The sides are large enough to share between several people so keep that in mind when ordering.

Alaskan King Crab Legs & Filet Mignon surf and turf platter at Harry's Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar, in Cancun. | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

The crab legs were already opened so I could get right down to the business of devouring every morsel. The filet mignon was so tender that it melted in my mouth. My friends claimed the same thing about their steaks, but I was too busy concentrating on my food to taste theirs. We tasted the side dishes but we never even made a dent in them, since our entrees were so large. Everything we tasted that evening was absolutely phenomenal.  My friends and I have eaten lots of wonderful food over the years but we all agreed that our meal at Harry’s was definitely at the top of our Best Meals of All Time lists.

After we did our very best to clean our plates (and we all came very, very close), we didn’t have room for dessert.  Well, the staff of Harry’s had other plans for us.  We were celebrating my birthday at Harry’s that evening and the servers all gathered behind me while our server gave me a small chocolate cake, filled with chocolate syrup.  The staff sang to me (yes, I was startled since I didn’t know they were all behind me) and then we dug into dessert.  As you may have expected, it was perfect and delicious, just as the rest of our meal had been.  But, the highlight of the evening wasn’t the chocolate dessert. Instead, it came at the end of the meal.  You see, after you finish your meal at Harry’s, the server brings over cotton candy, served on a large wooden stick.  They sat down the blue cotton candy (it was so tall that it looked like it could have been Marge Simpson’s hair) and we all dove in, like little kids.

We enjoyed every bit of the cotton candy, commented (again) on how incredible our meal had been (despite the loud music) and how wonderful the service had been, and then we asked for the check.  Including one glass of wine and 4 or 5 soft drinks, our total bill came to approximately $289 USD.  Considering each of the Surf & Turf platters were nearly $90 USD, we didn’t find that total to be outrageous.  And we also believed the quality of the food was worth every penny that we spent.

There are plenty of dishes on the menu that are less expensive than the surf and turf so don’t let the price of our meal deter you from trying Harry’s.  Definitely try the restaurant during your next trip to Cancun. You’ll be so happy you did.

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