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Travel Tips, What's New — By Susan Vincil on October 17, 2011 at 5:36 pm

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When traveling to Mexico, the language barrier may hinder your ability to properly communicate with the locals.  Here are some handy phrases to help you with greetings, introductions, shopping, locating a bathroom and, most importantly, with ordering beers, while vacationing in Cancun.

Greetings & Exits:

  • Hello/Hola
  • Good morning./Buenos dias.
  • Good afternoon./Buenas tardes.
  • Good evening. (or “good night”)/Buenas noches.
  • How are you?/Como estas?  (If you are addressing more than one person, you would say “Como estan?“, instead.)
  • Goodbye/Adios
  • See you later./Hasta luego. 
Introductions & Getting to Know You:
  • My name is…/Mi nombre es…   (You can also say “Yo soy John”, which means “I am John”.)
  • What is your name?/Cual es tu nombre?
  • Where are you from?/De donde eres? 
  • Are you married/single?/Estas casado/soltero? (Use “casado” or “soltero” when speaking to a man and “casada” or “soltera” when speaking to a woman.)
Shopping, Restaurants, & Bars:
  • Two beers, please./Dos cervezas, por favor.
  • Another round, please. (As in “we’d like another round of beers”.)/Otra vez, por favor. (This literally means “another time” or “again”, but at the bar, it simply means that you want another round.)
  • How much is this?/Cuanto cuesta? or Cuanto cuesta es este?
  • Do you want to dance with me?/Quieres a bailar conmigo?  
  • Cheers!/Salud!
  • Enjoy your meal./Buen provecho. (It is not uncommon for total strangers to say “buen provecho” to you as they pass your table while you are dining.)
  • Where is the bathroom?/Donde esta el baño?
  • What time is it?/Que hora es?
  • Please/Por favor
  • Thank you/Gracias
  • Thank you, very much./Muchas gracias. 
  • Excuse me (when you are trying to get someone’s attention)/Disculpe
  • Excuse me (when you are trying to walk around someone on the street, etc.)/Perdon (pardon)



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    Basic Spanish all travelers to Cancun should know! :)

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