Cheap Eats: The Best Inexpensive Food in Cancun

Food — By Susan Vincil on November 17, 2011 at 2:53 pm


Surfin Burrito | Photo by Susan R. Vincil


For foodies, Cancun is like heaven on earth. There are gourmet restaurants galore, but there are also an abundance of inexpensive eateries that serve some of the best food in Cancun. Authentic Mexican food is the easiest type of cuisine to find on the cheap. Seafood and baguette sandwiches are also available for very little money.

Ty-Coz is a local restaurant chain that serves up some of the best baguette sandwiches around. The garlic mayonnaise is the main reason the sandwiches are so addictive, but the fresh bread and freshly sliced veggies also keep customers coming back for more. The prices are unbelievable. Nothing on the menu is over 80 pesos (less than $6 USD).  The Economica is the least expensive sandwich offered, at only $15 (just over $1 USD). The food from Ty-Coz is highly addictive. Consider yourself warned.

Los de Pescado is another small chain of restaurants in Mexico. There are two locations in Cancun’s hotel zone; in the food court at Plaza Kukulkan and in a small shopping center, in front of the Presidente Inter-Continental hotel. The only items on the menu are fish tacos, which are simply battered & deep-fried fish, served in corn tortillas, shrimp tacos, ceviche, and a ceviche tostada. The ceviche is nearly $100 pesos (roughly $7.50 USD) but the tacos are only $20 pesos each (that’s only around $1.50 USD). They are small, but filling and, unless you are very hungry, you’ll only need one or two tacos to make a meal. A variety of salsas are available, ranging from mild to hellishly hot. Toppings, like fresh cabbage, are also available.

Surfin Burrito is a very small place, located across the street from Sr. Frog’s. There are no indoor seating at this place, but that doesn’t stop people from camping out on bar stools, to enjoy the pina coladas that are served in fresh pineapples. This little restaurant and bar serves only tacos and burritos. Everything is reasonably priced, including the beer and cocktails. The most expensive burrito is only around $5 USD. Surfin Burrito is open 24 hours a day and they deliver within the hotel zone.

Taco Factory is also a chain restaurant, with a couple of locations in Cancun. The most popular location is the one in Cancun’s “Party Center”, however.  As the name implies, this place cranks out hundreds of tacos a day. The food is tasty and cheap, although it’s not as ridiculously cheap as some of the other places on this list. The location is perfect for people-watching and is very crowded late at night, after the bars close.

Xtabentun is one of Cancun’s hidden treasures. It is located in Coral Negro Flea Market and doesn’t look like much at all. There are plastic tables set up in the parking lot and in the alley next to the market, but don’t let any of that detract you from trying this place. The food is absolutely fantastic and it’s super cheap too. Xtabentun is usually filled with locals but, over the years, more and more tourists have started frequenting the place. A chicken and cheese burrito, served with refried beans and rice, will run you around $50 pesos (around $4 USD). This place is a great spot for late-night dining, after the nightclubs close.


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