New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2012

Hotels, Travel Tips, What's New — By Susan Vincil on December 4, 2011 at 9:22 pm

One of the beaches at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

The start of a brand new year is right around the corner and people are starting to think about their new year’s resolutions for 2012. We thought we’d mix things up a bit and make a list of travel resolutions for the coming year (now, that’s much more fun that vowing to get in shape, isn’t it?).

When traveling to Cancun, in 2012, resolve to:

Save Money. You can do this by traveling at off-peak times of year. From late-April to mid-May and just after Thanksgiving (US Thanksgiving, that is) until mid-December are inexpensive times to travel to Cancun and you’ll also avoid crowds during those times. Another way to save money while on vacation is to take the bus instead of taxis. The city buses are safe, convenient, and cheap (around 60 cents per person, for each ride). You can also save money by eating Mexican food at places where locals regularly dine. The food will be inexpensive and it’s usually great at small “mom & pop” restaurants or even at taco stands on the street. (Check out a previous blog post, Cheap Eats: The Best Inexpensive Food in Cancun, for a list of several notable places to dine on the cheap, in Cancun.)

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. For some people, doing something as simple as venturing into downtown Cancun, rather than spending their entire vacation in the hotel zone, may be considered “stepping out of their comfort zone”. Seasoned travelers, or the more adventurous type, might find zip-lining through the jungle, swimming with whale sharks in the open sea, or climbing to the top of the pyramid at Coba to be outside their comfort zone, however. Even if you just manage to muster the courage to sing a song during karaoke night at your resort, do it. Doing things outside your comfort zone not only breaks up the monotony that our lives can easily fall into from time to time, but doing new things also gives your brain a little workout, which keeps it sharp.

Spend More Time with Your Family. Cancun is a family-friendly area and many resorts cater to families. Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa and Club Med Cancun Yucatan are two excellent resorts for families traveling with small children or teens. Both hotels have lovely beaches with calm water so little ones can safely play at the water’s edge. They also have kid’s clubs, where children can spend the day playing games or participating in various activities. Babysitting is available too, in case mom and dad want to go out for the evening. Club Med even has a playground, cooking classes for children, and a Teen Spa, which offers beauty treatments for teenage guests. Dreams Cancun has a dolphinarium on-site so guests can swim with dolphins without having to leave the resort.