Choosing A Tour Operator in Cancun

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The incredibly popular Jungle Tour is offered by a number of Cancun tour operators, including Aquatours. | Photo provided by Aquatours

Cancun has more to offer than just miles of white-sand beaches. There are ancient Mayan ruins to see, eco-parks to visit, and an entire undersea world for scuba divers and snorkelers to explore. Once you begin doing research on the variety of sightseeing tours that are offered in Cancun, you’ll find that there are an overwhelming number of tour operators.  Trying to figure out which company is the best for you and your needs can be a daunting task.

Of course, you’ll want to select a reliable tour operator, that has an excellent reputation. Some of Cancun’s most reputable tour operators are Aquaworld Cancun, Dolphin Discovery and their sister company, Aquatours, Delphinus, and It should come as no surprise that these companies have also become some of the most popular tour operators in Cancun.

Check the cancellation policy of each tour operator, prior to making a reservation. Some companies, like Entertainment-Plus, have very liberal change/cancellation policies, while others may be more restrictive. It’s good to know the company’s policy, in case you get sick and have to cancel your tour, or re-book it for another day.

When selecting a tour operator, you should determine whether they offer private tours or group tours (bus tours) to the attraction you wish to visit. Private tours can be more expensive, but they offer you more flexibility in your itinerary. However, taking a group tour is not a bad option, by any means.

In Cancun, there are many time-share properties and they each have sales staff all over town, trying to entice tourists to visit their property and sit through a time-share sales presentation. They often lure people to their resorts by offering free tours or even cold, hard cash, in some cases.

The time-share sales presentations are supposed to last only about 90 minutes, according to the sales people you speak with on the street. If you do end up going to a sales presentation, but are not interested in purchasing a time-share, or vacation club membership, then high-pressure sales tactics come into play. This will essentially end with you either spending your hard-earned money on a time-share, or wasting hours of your valuable vacation time. (It’s not uncommon for a “90-minute sales presentation” to turn into a 5-hour ordeal.) So, when choosing a tour operator in Cancun, it’s best to pay full price for a tour with a reputable operator than to fall prey to the dreaded time-share sales people. Remember, you get what you pay for.


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