Medical Tourism in Cancun

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Stay at one of Cancun's many incredible resorts while recovering from medical or dental treatments. | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

For years, people have been traveling to foreign countries to have dental work, cosmetic surgery, or other medical procedures done. Some of the reasons for doing this are for privacy (for those that do not want anyone to know they’ve “had work done”), or because the price is often a fraction of the cost of what you would pay at home.

In the past decade, medial tourism has gained popularity. In fact, the growing trend is to schedule your medical procedures in fantastic vacation spot, like Cancun, so you can combine your recovery with a relaxing vacation. With its near-perfect weather, magnificent beaches, luxurious hotels, state-of-the-art hospitals offering high-quality care, inexpensive medical costs (compared to the United States), and its close proximity to the United States, it’s no surprise that Cancun has become a hot-spot for travelers wanting to save a bundle on medical and dental procedures. In addition to dental work and cosmetic surgery, people also travel to other countries for procedures such as in-vitro fertilization, weight-loss surgery, joint replacement surgery, or even for organ transplants.

According to International Living, a website aimed at expatriates and people that plan to move to, or retire in, a foreign country, nearly 500,000 Americans travel to other countries, each year, to take advantage of low-priced health care. On International Living’s list of the top ten countries in the world, for medical tourism, Mexico ranks at number six.

To give you an idea of how vastly different prices for treatments/procedures are in the US and Mexico, in-vitro fertilization is approximately $12,000 USD, in the United States, but only around $4,500 USD, in Cancun. A porcelain crown is nearly $2,000 USD, in the US, but only around $500 USD, in Cancun.  Breast implants or a tummy tuck will run you around $10,000 USD, in the US, but the prices for those same procedures, in Cancun, are about 50% less. (Price estimates were obtained from

Cancun hospitals offer excellent medical care in clean, modern facilities and many doctors, surgeons, and dentists are multi-lingual, so communication will not be an issue for patients that don’t speak Spanish. The best hospitals in Cancun are Hospiten, Galenia, and Amerimed.

Before under-going any medical procedures or dental work, in a foreign land, do your homework.  You wouldn’t go to a doctor or dentist, in your hometown, without first doing some research, so get as much information about each doctor, dentist, and medical facility as you can, before scheduling any appointments, or sending in any payments.


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