World Cup fever or lack thereof….

What's New — By thethirdpeacock on May 27, 2010 at 4:07 am

Warning: Stereotypes follow. I know some of you played soccer at school and know what i am about to say. Sorry / Tough sh$t.

For those who don’t know. I am an Englishman living in San Francisco.

London Times reports: ‘London, Paris, Rio, Seoul and Abuja covered in flags as World Cup fever strikes’

Johannesburg Times reports ‘Former President Morgan Freeman “giddy” as Bafana Bafana strikes’

Alamo Square Times reports ‘ThirdPeacock pi$$ed as ‘British Airways cabin crew strikes’

New York Times reports “Hobos covered in flags as World Cup apathy strikes.”

Bafana Bafana

This is really weird.

Really. Where are the flags, flying ridiculously from people cars like Saddam’s taxi.

Old ladies talking to strangers on the bus about the group stages and whose Achilles is playing up.

Pregnant ladies making bets with their husbands that if X country wins the cup they will name their new baby after Y player with the slightly dubious name.

While it’s true baseball is America’s game, and Football belongs to the rest of the world, really shouldn’t more people care?

The NBA play offs are on, some people care.

Even the NHL play offs are on, and some Canadians care.

The world cup is 3 weeks away, and nobody seems to care.

(Well that’s not strictly true. ESPN cares because it is trying to convince American’s to care .)

At least my dad has come through in the clutch, providing an emergency care package so at least the corner of my office lucky enough to live with me will know that an event the 6 Billion other people in the world love is on.

World Cup Survival Kit: Love you Dad.

I know it will get better. I know that as and when the US beat Slovenia, Algeria or (god forbid) England people will take notice.

When they are walking to work and use foreigners; stealing American jobs (and women); are in the pub at 8am watching North Korea vs Portugal, some of them will pop their head in and start to care.

When the US gets knocked out by Germany on penalties (2 days after England suffer the same fate) they will moan to their loved ones and it will seem like they care.

But really, why don’t they care??

Prove you care by taking the ‘I care’ Quiz in my following post.

* The part of Nelson Mandela in this blog is played by Sir Morgan Freeman

If you haven’t seen this new NIKE advert, make it your screensaver until you can describe it to your friend from memory


pps happy birthday LuaMoma. Can’t believe you are 32.


  • zoomer0 says:

    Rinaldo?……does he play for Cleveland?

  • Tyler says:

    I care…I really do care. And I’ll be there showing how much I care watching no less than 5 games (both the US vs Slovenia & US vs Algeria matches)

    Come on US…let’s show the world we care! And if we can beat the turmoil ridden side of England while we’re at it, even better! I can already hear the excuses…”Becks was injured…Terry was sleeping with teammate’s spouses…” COME ON US!

  • jasper says:

    I thought he was a TV host

  • jasper says:

    rinaldo – that is

  • D says:

    Hey ThirdPeacock –
    Take Heart! I saw a Brazilian flag sprawled across the boot of a big ol’ Olds flying up 19th Ave the other day! Maybe you should plan an international “world cup warm up” event in GG Park before you’re off!?

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