The grass is always greener

What's New — By thethirdpeacock on June 15, 2010 at 4:30 pm

I really hope Sir Morgan Freeman recovers to hand over the trophy at the final.

There’s some people on the pitch; they think it’s all over; it is now.

That’s how the World Cup ended for England in 1966. With Victory.

Dempsey takes a shot, Green makes an easy save….. oh my word it’s in the back of the net

That’s how England’s pursuit of the 2010 started. In infamy.

ROCK ON ROBBO GREEN, remember things can only get better

Poor old Robert Green, he’d beaten out  David ‘calamity’ James to be England’s first choice keeper, and he rewarded his country by making a mistake that was well, so bad, so so bad, the press have hadd to come up with new wors to describe .

Shame really because I had been really enjoyin the world cup so far.

There had been more good games than bad, and waking up at 430am PST fr the first games of the day generally seemed like it would be worth it.

I’d been rudely awoken by vevezulas at 615 am, and it had made me smile because it meant we were about to get started. The vevezulas, annoying as they may be, are the most requested item as I head out to South Africa. That and a photo of me holding an AK 47, with my puppet friend Dave the english lion (you’ll meet him later)

Who's the cutie in the hat?? and the dog he's holding


I was joined at my humble abode by a dozen or so Englishman and 20 Yanks. Spirits were high, bets were made, and it was standing room only around the keg of Miller High Life.

It started so well for us Brits, unlike the folks back home, we actually saw England’s first goal and cheers of E-A-S-Y, E-A-S-Y rang out throughout the Fillmore. Sadly Robert Green decided I didn’t deserve to win with the Sports Book at the Paris Casino in Vegas, so he went all floppy wrist when the time mattered.

A draw was a fair result, both teaams had chances to win, the US denied by the post, England denied by the birth of Emile Heskey 32 years earlier.

Sos, we look forward to the England vs Algeria game on Friday (which I will be attending!!) with the hope that the Enlish (and Americans) can turn over the 2 pub teams masquerading as international teams in our group, and advance to get knocked out on penalities by the Germans, as usual.

Wayne's world, Wayne's world, basement partytime, excellent!!