RSA Trek V:The Final Frontier

What's New — By thethirdpeacock on June 27, 2010 at 9:14 pm

Portugal scored more than Ronaldo in a Brothel.

Well the second part of my trip to South Africa started with a bang. 7 bangs to be more accurate as Portugal destroyed North Korea in the rain in Cape Town.

Dave gets pissed wet through with some genuine North Korean fans (and discovers some Korean heritage of his own in the process)

Shame the result was such a poor reflection on the North Koreans, as they had had some promising attacks in the first half and at 1-0 at half time looked like they could get back in the game. Enjoyed the game thoroughly though, thanks mostly to Ms Eliza Shaw who helped me entertain the North Koreans we were sitting with some witty banter and being someone there to drink with from 1130 in the morning.

Thanks also to the rest of the Shaw crew, who we met up with after the game and I had a great time exchanging stories with. Enjoyed watching the Swiss-Chile game especially, as Mrs Shaw was of Swiss decent and was excellently trained in Shrieking at just the right moment. A point, which when I made to Mr Shaw, he chuckled and agreed most heartedly with.

Dave commiserates with Eliza and Des

Cape town in the rain and in the day was a little more difficult to coax a party out of, than on Friday night when it was heaving with English fans and the breeze was lovely and warm. It wasn’t all bad though, and after enjoying the Honduras game in the excellent (although sadly very cheesey) Dubliner pub, we boogied with some Austrailians across the street in a particularly pretentious, but still cheap, bar called Fiction.

4 nights in Cape Town, 2 matches, a few hundred dolphins, 2 killer whales and 7 goals. So far so good!