Reflections on the World Cup

What's New — By thethirdpeacock on July 17, 2010 at 11:35 pm

*During this world cup, the part of Nelson Mandela was played by the whole continent of Afrika.

‘The pressure’s on; you feel it; it’s time for Afrika’ – Shakira (you can’t help but love this song when you here 5 times a day for 3 weeks)

I will waka waka with her all day long....

Should’ve stayed that extra week. Really. Flights would’ve cost the same, could’ve taken some work and found a desk in the Cape Town office. And that, Ladies and Gents is my only regret from this last world cup.

Cape Town was amazing, the scenery, the people, so much to do, so much to see.

The trip to Port Elizabeth, with it’s world famous surf, wonderful beaches, and small town feel.

From what I was told, Johannesburg and Durban were just as nice, if a little more sectarian. There is no doubt I will be back. At Christmas, when the sun is out, the days are long, and the parties go all night long.

Just look at the list of things I didn’t do, Wine Country, Hike the rest of Table mountain, stop at any of the national parks, GO ON SAFARI!

So here we have a few reflections on South Afrika that didn’t make it into my other posts.

So much potential, so much to do.

I hope the world cup is an inspiration for the world to continue to keep an eye on South Afrika and help nature it as it grows. It has resources, the talent and so much natural beauty, it would be a shame if it fell back into the same bloody situation as a lot of the rest of Afrika.

Mini bus taxis..…. are ace. You don’t wait for a bus, you stand on a street corners, look both ways twice, and pretty much instantly a min van with a smiley driver throws you and your bags into the back of his truck. And for R5 (50p or 70 cents) you can ride the whole length of his route. No wonder the new bus systems remain relatively unused, they are more expensive and less flexible than the mini bus cabs.

Tab; Seriously. It tastes of nothing. It come sin a can with no description of what it should taste of, and the contents reflect the ambiguity of the label.

Literally tastes of nothing.

Electric fences. It’s quite intimidating living in an apartment surrounded by one of these bad boys. Sadly my friend’ first experience in Cape Town was getting robbed, so they are seen as a necessary evil. Shame really, they give parts of the city the impression it is a high security penitentiary. Oh yeah, they’re often mounted just above 6 foot above the pavement too, which means i was almost shocked in the face a few times I was distracted by the mountain above.

Awesome awesomeness.

The football,

Well I would say we were equally cursed and blessed. The first round of matches was disappointing, the rest of the group game provided at least one classic per group. The first two rounds of the knock out stages were without doubt, some of the best in recent memory. The England –  Germany game, although it resulted in the disappointing elimination of my home nation, was a classic for the ages. The goal not given, Germany providing a master class in scoring on the break, a great great game.  Ghana’s progress kept a continent engaged, and the way the Dutch swept aside Brazil, then Uruguay, only made their performance in the final all the more disappointing.

Thank you Afrika, it was your time to shine, and you did. You have found a friend here, and I will be back.

I only have one more thing to say, ‘Waka Waka, it’s time for Afrika.’