Layover at the Chiang Mai International Airport? Make it a Fun One!

Travel Tips, What's New — By A on November 6, 2010 at 5:27 am

Unlike the giant hub at the Bangkok airport, Chiang Mai is a much smaller variety when it comes to airports.  It is located 4 kilometers south of the city and walking distance to the Chiang Mai Immigration office.

There is wifi at Burger King at this airport.

For the love of Rudolph, will you make it back to the airport in time? This is for the ballsy traveler…

You are only a song-taeo ride away from the Airport Plaza for say about  20b (yee-sip).  This is the 2nd largest mall in Chiang Mai and since you have the time you could probably explore it with no problem.  There are multi-levels of fun including department stores, a huge cafeteria with international flavors, Tops market, small shops, quaint cafes where you could grab a coffee and use the wifi while people watching, a movie theater and much more awaiting for you to take you away from the airport.

If you are even more adventurous than the Airport Plaza, you can consider taking a ride out to explore the famous Doi Suthep.  If you are here during the holidays then the weather is milder in northern Thailand and you are in for a special treat for sure.   A trip to Doi Sutep is like making a quick trip to see the Vatican while in Rome, Italy.  While it is quite possible to see Doi Suthep, please only do this if you feel you will make it back on time before your flight departure to your next destination.

300+ Steps to Wat Prathart Doi Suthep

Student Performing Cultural Thai Dances Atop Doi Suthep

You could easily catch a song taeo from the airport up to Doi Suthep.    Here is the post on how you can do that.

Happy and safe travels to you and your family, wherever you decide to venture out to this holiday season.