Best Chicago Beach

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By adimarcial on June 15, 2010 at 6:18 pm

The sun is out, the days are long, and you are ready to hit the beach. With 26 miles of lakefront, there are many choices when it comes to spending a day at the beach. Many young Chicagoans claim North Beach and Oak Street Beach are Chicago’s finest, but if you drive on Lake Shore Drive past these two beaches you will see nothing but a sea of people. Teenagers and young twenty-somethings populate these beaches to the point where it is a competition as to where to lay your towel down – NOT the relaxing day you intended. This local recommends you take towel and sunscreen to Foster Avenue Beach in Uptown.

Foster Avenue Beach is large and wide-open without the hoards of people. It is great for families, especially the north side where there are a lot of green and shaded areas perfect for a picnic. The beach is also complete with grills, volleyball courts, and a concession stand. However, stop at the Dominick’s just a couple blocks away and bring your own treats to cut down on costs. The only downfall is you now have to pay $1/hr. for parking. Overall, it is clean, peaceful, great for all ages, and one of the least pretentious beaches in Chicago.

Photo Courtesy of oblivion9999

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