Chicago Farmers Markets

Food — By Emma on September 29, 2011 at 9:05 pm

Fall is the season of farmers markets. This weekend shows an impressive spread throughout the city. The beginning of Fall means pumpkins, gourds and buckets of apples. The funny thing about farmers markets is running into them by chance.

Farmers Market Vegetables

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Green City in Lincoln Park is one of Chicago’s biggest markets and manages to stay open through all seasons. Along with fruit, vegetables and flowers there are always unexpected and interesting finds.

My favorites were various carmaelized snacks and a meat stand specializing in elk. The sellers who come to the markets are from local farms and trade busienesses. Everything is fresh!

At Division St. Market the vendors range from bakeries to pizza and soap. I was impressed by the locality of the vendors. I couldn’t avoid the urge to stop by the truffle stand, owned by Chicagoan truffle-connoisseur, Katherine Anne. Her truffles are not those you bite into one by one, they are meant to savor.

There are always interesting and unusual finds: local businesses, flowers, dogs, people of all ages and great music. If you aren’t one to rise before noon on a weekend, markets take place on throughout the week in all areas of Chicago.

Cidar Farmers Market

Photo courtesy of author.

Farmers markets in Chicago:

Streeterville Market. In front of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Division St. Farmers Market. Three square blocks closed for the market, from State to Clark St.

Green City Market. South Lincoln Park, hard to miss the lines of meat trucks smoke rising from grills. Sit on the grass and eat, bring your dog, and listen to live music.

Wicker Park/ Bucktown Farmers Market. Catch it before it ends in October.

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