Deal Hunting in Chicago

Travel Tips — By Emma on November 10, 2011 at 6:47 am

Social media coupon companies, the latest trend. The web is after all the timeliest and most effective way to reach people. It’s simple, an email every day with an upcoming offer in Chicago. Keep up with big names coming into town, and most notably, the obscure activities. Hotels contact these companies as soon as they release special deals and packages.

If this sounds like your fancy, here is a list of companies you should be following.

Groupon holds a special place in Chicago’s heart, having originated in this fine city. Today the company employs many young, savvy-minded writers who study and represent the Groupon audience.

Living Social covers the fundamentals. Living Social Adventures on the other hand… a bit more than interactive than daily emails. Local experts find the greatest things to do. Did you know you could go diving in Chicago? Yes, scuba diving. I’ve personally always wondered what the heck swims in Lake Michigan. With that often jade-hued, the water resembles something tropical.

Expert glassblower Jose Santisteban

We love Chicago for the creative city it is. Tap into artistic classes and activities like glass blowing. Take the BYOB glass blowing class at Franklin Studio.

Google Offersnew to the scene, yet nail-biting competition for the veterans. I can only guess the biggest search engine in the world could find something cool to do around here. The man behind Groupon even jumped ship when Google drew the blueprints.

Best of all, these companies understand simplicity. Go to the website, give an email address, and voila. Avoid the judgmental, or rather snub-nosed, reviews of social media couponing. When it comes down to it, there are people hunting deals and activities in every corner and nook of “Chicagoland” (beyond the city afar).

If there are people who know their city, you’ll find them here.

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