Top tips for driving in New Zealand

What's New — By Heather Hapeta on December 29, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Pass school buses VERY slowly

It’s always important to spend a little time on learning local road rules and regulations when you are in a different country. Here are some tips to get your  New Zealand road rules knowledge started.

watch for Kiwi especialy at night

  • A current driving license or international licence required
  • Keep to the LEFT on all roads

    Kaikoura area - seals may be on the road!

  • Wearing  seatbelts is compulsory (as are helmets on motor-bikes and bicycles )
  • Speed limits and distances are in kilometres
  • Rental car companies will give you  a book of the road rule … read it! (Usually must be 21yrs to hire a vehicle)
  • Traffic lights: red means stop… no turning left on red light in NZ
  • Railway crossings are controlled by one of these – compulsory stop or give way signs; lights  &/or bells;  and occasionally, barrier arms
  • As we have few motorways, it will nearly always take longer than you think to reach your destination
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