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Top tips for driving in New Zealand

Top tips for driving in New Zealand December 29, 2010 | What's New | Read More
Pass school buses VERY slowly It’s always important to spend a little time on learning local road rules and regulations when you are in a different country. Here are some tips to get your  New Zealand road rules knowledge started. watch for Kiwi especialy at night A current driving license or...

Free Wi-fi in Christchurch

Free Wi-fi in Christchurch July 30, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
Simply Catering Congratulations to these places for providing free Wi-Fi in Christchurch! Well done Christchurch Libraries (City, New Brighton, South) for providing free Wi-Fi for all – even on one of the few days they’re closed I still see travellers, and local I assume, sitting outside checking...

Maori language: helping you with our place names

Maori language: helping you with our place names July 25, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
Since 1975 New Zealand has marked Maori Language Week – one of our official languages (the other two are English and NZ Sign Language) and this week is for all New Zealanders to celebrate te reo Maori (the Maori language) and to encourage us to use more Maori phrases in our everyday life. This year...

Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch International Airport July 19, 2010 | Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Arriving at, or leaving from, Christchurch International airport is usually a smooth experience and it has continued its recent record-breaking streak with an announcement that it has had the highest-ever number of passenger movements over the last year (to June 30th 2010). Announcing the record of over...

What to pack?

What to pack? July 15, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
You've packed these - but what else do you need? Living in a long skinny country in the middle of the South Pacific means our New Zealand weather changes frequently – four seasons in one day sometimes. So, my local tip is to bring layers of clothes and a warm hat – especially here in Christchurch...
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