Copenhagen dining after dark

Food — By Jane Graham on June 3, 2010 at 10:30 am

Late-night eating in Copenhagen can be a risky business, with most restaurants in the city closing their kitchens as early as 9pm. For those whose eating schedules don’t quite fit to these hours, however, there are a number of options. Here is our pick:

  • Rio Bravo – This ranch-style restaurant located close to the Glyptoteket and Rådhuspladsen has almost legendary status as a late-night eating spot: Not surprising really, as it has being feeding its guests every night until 4am for decades. Recommended for an early-hours steak, though vegetarians may go hungry.
  • Pasta Basta – This trusty Italian is known for its late-night kitchen, which is open every day right up until one or two in the morning. Choose from the varied menu or take your pick from the cold buffet.

  • Restaurant Vita – This former pharmacy on Store Kongensgade serves a variety of meat dishes and is open until the early hours every day except Saturday, and as late as 5am on weekends, when a pianist is also in the house. Not recommended for vegetarians.
  • The Ricemarket – This smart Thai eatery just off the pleasant square of Kultorvet serves authentic rice and noodle dishes up until midnight. Feeling sleepy? It’s even possible to reserve ‘dining in bed’ for parties of up to six people.
  • Barbarellah – A Latin kitchen that keeps Latin hours, this combined cocktail bar, nightclub and restaurant is open until Wednesday thru Saturday. Choose from South-American salads and Argentinean beef.

Photos courtesy of Kiin Kiin /The Ricemarket & Pasta Basta.

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