Guest Interview with ‘Bike Mike’ Sommerville

Things to Do — By Jane Graham on June 10, 2010 at 9:29 am

Michael Sommerville’s cycle tours around Copenhagen: ‘Bike Copenhagen With Mike’ have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and the UK’s Financial Times: They are also recommended by Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor and the Copenhagen tourism authority Wonderful Copenhagen.

-Mike very kindly took a break from his cycling to chat with NileGuide about his tours and his love for the city of Copenhagen.

  • How long have you been doing the bike tours? How did it start?

2010 is my third season. It started due to my passion for biking, for my hometown and for travelling. Through the bike tours I combine all the aforementioned and get to share this passion with people from all over the world during their visits to Copenhagen.

  • Can anyone take part in your tours? Do they require any level of biking experience?

Yes, anyone can take part in the bike tours, from kids to older folks. No specific skills are needed to enjoy discovering Copenhagen by bike – except for the obvious advantage of knowing how to ride one!

  • Can you hire a bike or do you have to bring one along with you?

Bike rental for the tours is included in the package and price, but if you bring your own bike you will receive a discount of 20%.

  • What kind of places do you go to and how many miles is the average tour?

In general, the tours take people to the all famous sights, but also aim to get people off the beaten track and discover the Copenhagen where the locals live their lives. This season offers three different tours:

1. Copenhagen City Tour – a classic sightseeing tour by bike, including the famous sights and a few surprises.

2. The Countryside Tour – a beautiful biking experience through the inviting countryside neighbouring Copenhagen, including a visit to the century-old coastal town of Dragør.

3. Copenhagen By Night Tour – the magnificent spectacle of the Nordic light comes across on this beautiful bike tour.

  • What makes seeing Copenhagen by bike so special?

Copenhagen’s bike culture is one of the unique aspects of the city and its inhabitants; everyone bikes in Copenhagen as part of their daily life and visitors notice this as their first observation when arriving in Copenhagen. Discovering the city by bike is to follow the good old rule of, “When in Rome, do as the Romans”.

  • What’s your favourite spot in the city?

My own personal favourite part of Copenhagen is the inner-city borough of Christianshavn, with its fine blend of century-old residential homes, its many cobblestoned streets, striking contemporary Scandinavian architecture at its best and its location between the harbour and the beautiful ramparts. Christianshavn is special for its ambiance and atmosphere and I am lucky to live here too.

I love all my bike tours, but nothing can beat the spectacular ride on the By Night Tour when the sun is setting in the west and we arrive at the Opera House – coming off the old ramparts to enjoy the setting of the sun across the harbour and with a fine view of the Royal Palace. Then I know I am home where I belong.

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Photos courtesy of Mike Sommerville and Wonderful Copenhagen (The Opera House).

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