Old School Club Trend Hits Copenhagen

Nightlife, What's New — By Jane Graham on March 29, 2011 at 9:53 pm

The style trends inspired by the hit US TV series ’Mad Men’ – set in a ’60s New York City inhabited by cigar-smoking advertizing execs and their dames – have finally reached the shores of Denmark. Fans of the Emmy award-winning show can now imitate its stars in the city’s smartest clubs and bars, where a phrase like, “Bartender, hit me with an old-fashioned,” really wouldn’t seem so out of place, where the music is nostalgic and where dark wood panelling covers the walls and dusty old books line the shelves.

Copenhagen’s Mad Men spots include old school gentleman’s club The Library Bar in the Hotel Plaza – a classic businessmen’s bar that really was designed to be a library, many decades ago – or the cocktail bar of recently reopened Jazzhus Montmartre, a legendary jazz club that originally ran from 1959-1976. There is a newcomer on the scene, however: meet The Jane.

Copenhagen’s newest and most talked-about nightclub, The Jane, opened last Friday on picturesque Gråbrødretorv Square. Even more so than other clubs and cocktail bars in Copenhagen, this place is modelled on a classic time long before phrases like ‘passive smoking’ became commonplace: A time when bartenders still dressed in clean-pressed shirts with cuff-links and ties.

Nostaligic nightclub and cocktail bar The Jane in Copenhagen

The Jane has its secrets. One of them waits until 10pm to reveal itself, when a sliding door in one of the bookcases in the central cocktail bar is pushed aside  to reveal two more bars behind it, more modern in decor than those out front.

The look and general atmosphere of The Jane is aimed particularly at women, who can appreciate a place that’s all about dressing up, good company, good drinks served by smart bar staff.

‘It’s girls who call the shots at a party,’ says the manager of the new club, who anticipates that with the ladies satisfied, the men will follow.

Image courtesy of The Jane.

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