Party Boats Set Sail for Denmark’s Summer Festivals

Nightlife, What's New — By Jane Graham on May 27, 2011 at 10:17 am

Dry land is no longer a prerequisite for a rocking night out. Northern Europe’s latest club trend is the party boat: mobile, floating nightclubs that dock in one particular city for a few months before setting sail to another place. This year sees Spektrum Scandinavia touring the Danish festival circuit.

Spektrum Scandinavia, a sailing nightclub

Spektrum Scandinavia has a permanent crew of about 35 who live and work aboard the boat as it travels from harbor to harbor in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Formerly the M/F Broen based solely in Denmark’s “second city,” Aarhus, for 20 years, the boat was given a cool new makeover last year and proved all those who believed the old ‘50s-era ferry was finally up for retirement wrong by sailing out to Thisted in Jutland’s Limfjord.

Spektrum Scandinavia, which has room for almost 2,000 guests on four individual decks, is due next week at Skive Festival, a beach party-style event in mid-Jutland. The club boat is to host the festival’s new electronic stage, “STÖJ.”

The rest of Spektrum’s 2011 schedule has not been published yet, but it is expected that the party boat will be visiting Copenhagen later this year.

Hosting a nightclub on a touring boat is not without its hitches: In February, Spektrum Scandinavia found itself stuck in frozen waters in the 110-mile long, narrow Limfjorden off Denmark’s north Jutland coast, unable to break the ice to reach its scheduled destination in Oslo. The boat finally reached the Norwegian capital at the start of March.

Culture boat Stubnitz had its own set of problems while in Denmark last year. This colossal former East German fishing vessel had thrown some of Copenhagen’s most legendary parties of the last decade before falling foul of Danish fire regulations and was closed down by the authorities during last year’s Spot music festival in Aarhus. It is now moored in Hamburg, Germany.

Spektrum Scandinavia’s current calendar can be found on the club’s website.

Photo courtesy of Spektrum Scandinavia.

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