Five Places to Propose in Copenhagen

Romantic — By Jane Graham on October 8, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Copenhagen may not be as obviously romantic as Paris or Venice, but this small capital is filled with green gardens, charming towers and attractive canals ideal for making a memorable proposal. Take a wander through some of our favorite romantic haunts to find the perfect setting to pop the question.

Botanical Gardens, Copenhagen; Palm House

–       The Palm House, Botanical Gardens

The University of Copenhagen’s Botanic Garden is a tropical oasis in the center of the city, with its 19th-century Palm House found beside the garden’s lake its focal point. Stroll amongst the tall tropical trees and you’ll find the place generally deserted, aside from the odd reader looking for peace and relaxation. Sit down next to the orchids, soothed by the gentle bubbling of nearby water, as you set the scene for a proposal.

–       Stargazing on top of the Round Tower

Despite dating from the 1600s, Copenhagen’s Round Tower still functions as an observatory. Make your way up the unique spiral walkway to the top, and see the city much as it must have looked in astronomer Tycho Brahe’s time; a mass of green and red rooftops. Visit on one of the tower’s regular evening openings (Tues and Wednes from Oct-March) for a proposal under the stars.

–       The Chinese pavilion, Frederiksberg Have

The wooden Chinese teahouse in Frederiksberg Have sits on one of the small artificial islands in the gardens, in a secluded and peaceful spot amidst hanging boughs. Connected by a matching bridge, both date from 1801—a time when Oriental design was fashionable throughout Europe. After decades of decline, both bridge and pavilion were thoroughly restored during the 1980s, its columns given a fresh coat of red paint and the rooftop serpent made good as new.

–       The golden spire of Vor Frelsers Kirke

More than 250 years after it was built, the view from the top of Vor Frelsers Kirke spire in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn’s district is still dramatic. Walking up the steps to the top— touching the golden globe to prove it—will certainly test your stamina, so make sure you take a few minutes to admire the view (and get your breath back) before popping the question. The tower is open every day except in winter when it opens weekends only, weather permitting—the oak structure of the tower shakes during strong winds.

–       Winter Gardens of Glyptoteket

Elegant art museum Glyptoteket dates from the end of the 19th century, when it was presented as a gift to the nation by brewery tycoon and arts patron Carl Jacobsen and his wife Otillia. As one of Copenhagen’s most visited cultural attractions, it was created, “with a beauty all its own”. Make your proposal in the museum’s Winter Garden—all hallways lead here—next to the bubbling fountain and under the almost 100 foot-high dome, its honey-colored glass lending a warm glow to the palms below.

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Image of Palmhuset, Botanical Gardens courtesy of Ty Stange and Copenhagen Media Center.

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