60 Caricatures On Display in Alajuela: Modern Artists Use Humor and Irony to Share Their Vision of “Reality”

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El barrendero by Alex "Nano" Nunez

Under the slogan “¡La zarigüeya vive!”  (“the possom lives!”) and armed with pencils, paper, and plenty of humor, 16 graphic artists of the Colectivo la Zarigueya take over the installation space known as the old cuartel de Alajuela at the Museo Historico Cultural Juan Santa Maria with this exhibition of art and humor that opens today, as reported by Francisco Barrantes, correspondent for Costa Rica’s La Nacion.

La Zarigueya was founded in 1987 by a group of artists with the shared objective of promoting humor and supporting the work of new talent. Through 70 caricatures created with a variety of media including oil paint, pastels, and many mixed materials, the artists of La Zarigueya share their particular versions of reality with the public.

Carlos Arroya, uses 3D effects to captivate and draw intimate attention to detail in his Futuro del Bosque. Allan Nunez, “Nano,” a graphic artist with 35 years of experience, created El barrendero entirely by hand, without the help of a computer- the result is a striking likeness to Mario Moreno as Cantinflas.

Other participating artists are: Roy Solís, Rolando Guerrero, Iván Alpízar, Leda Astorga, Arcadio Esquivel, Ferreol Murillo, Pedro Murillo, Carlos Arroyo, Luis Demetrio Calvo and Ricardo Chacón, Nela Marín, Luis Miguel Morales, Carlos Kidd and Gilberto Ramírez.

The exhibition is open to the public until March 7th, 2011.

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